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30-Day Jump Start

Cultivating Curiosity for Lasting Change

  • 4, one on one, 60-minute weekly sessions via phone call or on Zoom.


  • Personalized one on one coaching to bring curiosity, clarity, direction, and confidence. 


  • The deep insights you gain will bring a renewed sense of well-being and motivation to take inspired action on your next steps forward with ease and certainty. 


  • You will feel empowered, balanced, and more aligned with your purpose.


Benefits from this program will be to:

  • Help you understand the disrupting patterns, fears, habits & limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.


  • Develop lifestyle changes that will help clear out and remove those blocks that are getting in the way. 


  • Updating new patterns and beliefs to align you closer to your true self.

60-Day Ready for Action

Walking in a World Beyond the One You Know

  • 8, one on one, 60-minute sessions via phone call or on Zoom.


  • This personalized one-on-one coaching will cover all the elements of the Jump Start program. 


  • You will further work on creating a new, personalized map from which to navigate your life.  


  • This life-changing experience will create a personalized tapestry through self-discovery.


Benefits from this program will be to:


  • Shift towards committed actions that will help you visualize and direct your life’s trajectory.


  • Make purposeful moves that will allow you to take the reins of your life and begin navigating with purpose. 


  • Get comfortable with profound growth through self-discovery, self-love, and boosting self-confidence.

90-Day Total Transformation

the journey to Total Alignment 

A Total Transformational Coaching and Healing Experience Built On Collective Connection ∙ Self- Love ∙ Lasting Freedom

  • 12, one on one, 60-min sessions via phone call or on Zoom.

  • This personalized one-on-one coaching will cover all the elements in the Jump Start and Ready for Action programs and then dive deeper into connecting with your total mind, body & soul.  

  • You will focus on identifying your limiting beliefs and incorporate strategies to release the things that no longer serve you.  

  • You will change your thoughts, patterns & mindset. 

  • You will go through experiential exercises, mental rehearsal & meditations as well as transformational coaching to create the shift you need that will bring ultimate balance, confidence & empowered action toward achieving any goal. 

  • This healing experience will help bring you into total alignment with whom you are meant to be. 

Benefits from this program will be to:

  • Break free from limiting beliefs and what has been holding you back for good.

  • Discover personal goals and let go of the mental blocks and patterns without guilt.

  • Participate in experiential exercises that will shift your mindset and bring total clarity to your life.

  • Step into your purpose and stand in your own space with total confidence.

  • Experience the life you were always meant to live -- Every. Single. Day.

The best way to predict your future is to create it –

Give yourself permission to get started!

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